Preview: The Suicidal Birds


The Suicidal Birds are two girls ( Jessie: vocals, guitar / Chay: bass
guitar, vocals) from the northern province Friesland, the Netherlands. Armed with out-dated amps, ( self made) pedals, drum machine, bass
guitar, guitar and the elastic strong and moving voice of singer Jessie
they bring up a up raging storm, drenched in the raw passion the blues:
Intense, urgent, confronting, personal, sometimes treacherously
playful, exciting and inescapable. With a voice full of character,
uncompromisingly distorted guitar- and vocal sounds and at times
overwhelming sound-orgy, they manage to give feelings of doubt,
craziness, tragedy, sex & drugs, hope and despair, believe and
disbelieve a musical format deeply rooted in the blues combined with
the energy of punk emphasising the rough and readiness, weirdness and
wilderness that is so essential in rock and roll.

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