4th-6th September 2009
Queer music festival happening 4th-6th September 2009 at Schwarzer Kanal.
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YOUR E@RS is taking a feminist approach to set up a three day
celebration of queer music and resistance culture in some of its many

Its a DIY event: Entrance to the concerts is by donation but the
idea is that every attendant will take part in the festival by helping
out in some way with eg. cleaning up, setting up, contributing with a
workshop, performances..Please mail us with your ideas and suggestions!
Plan on coming a day or two early, or staying a day after. Bring a tent
and you can camp on the Schwarzer Kanal.

Friday 4th from 6.30 pm:
Gertrude, Vagina
Jones, Sleazy Inc. operated, Squeezebox, CJ and the Dolls

Follow by DJ Tony Pony

Saturday afternoon from 2pm:
Openstage and Presseject

Saturday evening from 7:
Angel Eyedealism, Largact.ill, Suicidal Birds, Golden Disko ship,

follow by a party with DJ Tina Pornflakes and DJ Kritzkom

Sunday 6th from 2pm:
AJ Shanti, Lyndsey Cockwell, Maybecyborgs, and Kuutti Gagarin


-Radio workshop with Tina Tusch, Saturday 5th,  2-5pm

to make your own free queer radio a reality? Come to learn about making
digital radio programs: basic recording audio, making interviews, and
editing audio to make a final program that will be broadcast online as
a podcast that your friends everywhere can listen to!
This workshop is 3 hours long and is a hands on workshop where you will
actually make a podcast for Up Your Ears that will be played online as
a part of the festivals radio programming! All experience levels
welcome, and please note that space may be somewhat limited (depending
on equipment), so show up early and for the full 3 hrs.
If you can, bring any extra recording equipment and laptops so more people can participate- thanks!

Sign up for the workshops at

-Singing workshop with Lyndsey Cockwell, Saturday 5th,  3-5pm
Love singing? want to learn? want to improve? want to have fun singing in harmony with other queers?
and learn some basic singing techniques including posture, breathing
and ways to find your own voice, or improve the one you’ve already
Then find out how much fun it can be singing songs in 3-part harmonies.
We will be working on a song – or songs! – to sing at the sunday
performance for those interested. You Don’t have to be part of the
performance to attend the workshop, but it will take your singing to
another level!
All are welcome – complete beginners, complete professionals and complete show-offs. No experience necessary.

Sign up for the workshops at


On the saturday afternoon we will have an openstage! To give the
opportunity to all the bands that have shown interest in playing and
that was impossible for us to schedule we open this 3 hours long block!
Wanna play??????? Just a few rules: only by preinscription at and bands get to play 3 songs! How does that sound? We will provide basic equipment, get in touch so we can talk technic!


The schwarzer kanal has received an eviction date for
31.12.2009. This has come from the owners of the land Hoch Tief, who
say that they need all of the land we occupy to start a huge building
project and for the access roads to the site. Hoch Tief claim that they
dont want to start the building project so soon, but unless they start
the developement in 2010 they will have to pay a large fine to the
building regulators (BIMA).
Over the last few years, our location
in the Media spree development zone in central Berlin has put us in the
firing line of an invasion of big companies, and the gentrification of
Kreutzberg-Mitte. However this is the first time we have recieved a
concrete eviction date.
Schwarzer Kanal is mobilising to resist, and maintain our unique status
as a queer political and cultural wagenplatz.

To discuss the situation and strategies, during Up your Ears a meeting will be held on Saturday from 6!


During the festival there is the plan to create a radio podcast so
that people who have no access to the festival itself can also listen
to a selection of the concerts through the internet. The radio podcast
would also provide a platform for queer political radio programmes, and
help to provide a voice for a diverse international queer political
community. The completed radio braodcast would then be uploaded on the
internet as a permenant rescource.  Queers from all over the place
could also send in song suggestions or suggestions for content.

So if you have an idea for a song suggestion, please send it to us per email: 

and if you have a burning queer political issue that you want aired, make a recording about it and send it to us:

upyourears wagenplatz schwarzer kanal, michaelkirchstr 20, 10179 Berlin, German



We are a diy project so the idea is that every
attendant will take part in the festival by helping out in some way
with eg. cleaning up, setting up, bar shift, door shift,…. We will
have schedules at the entrance so you can sign up to some of those
task. If you think you can help somehow else, please…get in touch!!!


Friday and Saturday from 7pm, Sunday Brunch from 2pm

Get in touch  through


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